Working On A Home Remodel: Pick The Right Flooring For Your Home

flooringA home remodel is something that is exciting and it allows you to transform the home into whatever you want.  One of the biggest projects that you will have to accomplish is installing a new floor, but there are several different options available for you.  Depending on your budget and the general feel that you have for the remodel, there will be flooring choices that make more sense for your home.  This guide should help to give you a basic understanding of the different flooring options that you have and what to expect from each one.


The cheapest and most readily available flooring choice is carpeting.  With carpeting you will be able to choose patterns and colors that match very closely to the designs that you have in your furniture and home décor accessories.  Carpet generally does not take very long to install, and many homeowners find that this is a project that they can either do themselves or with very little assistance.  When you go to buy carpet you will want to make sure that you have the exact measurements that you need, as it can be difficult, if not impossible to match carpet designs if you have to go back to the store to pick up a piece because you did not have enough to cover the floor.  Another thing to consider is the depth of the carpet; a deeper carpet might feel good on bare feet, but it can be harder to clean.

Hard Wood

Another common flooring choice is hard wood flooring.  This option is much more expensive than carpet, but there are things that you can do to make hard wood floors more affordable.  The best thing about hard wood floors is that they resist stains.  The wood is very easy to clean, as it can be taken care of with a mop or even just a wet rag, so you do not have to worry about the same kind of damage or wear and tear with hard wood that you do with carpet.  Hard wood requires a lot more planning and knowledge than carpet, so this is not a flooring choice that most homeowners will be able to do without assistance.  For the floor itself you can choose real hard woods, or for some savings, you can use hard wood colored linoleum or even bamboo.  This gives the appearance of wood and the ease of use, but the cost per square foot is up to ten times lower with these options.


If you have the money to spend, and you do not mind a floor that will take a while to install, then you should give thought to a tile or marble floor.  These floors will look better than either the carpet or the hard wood, but the tools and expertise require to put in a tile floor make it something that you will need to hire a professional to do.  With tile you are able to express yourself like you can with carpet, but you get the ease of cleaning the same way that you do with a wooden floor.  When you are starting tiling project make certain that you have plenty of time set aside for the installation and for the tiles and grout to set before the floor is to be used again.

Flooring is one of the largest projects that you have to deal with in a remodel, and it is often the most expensive in an interior remodel.  You can use the different types of flooring to show your personality and express yourself, but understand the different costs that are involved with the materials that you will use.  The cost per square foot might not seem that different between carpet and tile, but when you consider the total size of the project, the costs are magnified.

I am Michael Dark, and I have been doing floor installations for twelve years.  Most homeowners want to go with a hard wood look, but they are not sure they can afford the price.  I like to show them examples of bamboo flooring, like those at Bambooki, so that customers can see what they will get for the low price of bamboo.