Why the City is the Place to Raise Your Family

People seem to like living in cities. More and more of our world’s population is deciding to live in cities, whether it’s for career opportunities, access to services, or simply the lifestyle that the city provides. However, fewer North American families are considering raising their children within the central part of an urban metropolis, most moving to the suburbs or the far peripheries.


They falsely assume that this move is for the better of their kids, as supposedly the inner city is riddled with crime, pollution, and seedy characters.


While not all of these assumptions are completely out of left field, there is definitely more to gain by staying within the confines of the city, especially for families with children!


  1. Access to Amenities

As children grow, they require different community supports, from story time at the library, through to ballet lessons at the academy. By staying in the city, and close to these amenities, you give them a wide range of possibilities and activities that they can get engaged in.  The best part is that some of these might be accessible by alternative transportation, relieving some of the pressure you might face as a carless or single-car family.


  1. Access to Specialized Schooling

Your child might develop a love for music or perhaps has a gift for languages. Living in the city means that you have more schools in the vicinity that can offer specialized programs and education for your family, from the French immersion to university-level math courses. If you are in the suburbs, you might find that the schools are generally good, but central city schools are often on the ones that offer these niche opportunities.


  1. Independence

As your children grow a little older, having their school within walking distance or having their friends’ houses within a short bus ride means that they can be more independent of you and your vehicle. This instills a sense of direction and self-confidence knowing that they can get places with their own two feet, their bicycle or public transit. Most suburbs on the outskirts make this impossible, with kids being reliant on drivers to get them places, from karate lessons to swim practises, or even a friend’s house.


  1. Street Smarts

The suburban life is a sheltered life. It’s no wonder that university students who move to the big cities from peripheral life get lost and feel unsure in the hustle and bustle of the downtown. By having your kids used to being careful and making smart decisions when out and about, they naturally learn to behave intuitively in the city, knowing how to act in different situations.


  1. More Cultured

Rarely will you find a major museum, gallery, or concert venue in the middle of a new suburb. It you want your children to grow up knowing major artists, musicians, and science by experiencing them first hand, it’s much easier when you have these resources nearby. Suburb living makes it more difficult, as you have to get out into our garage, into your car, drive a distance, park, etc. We all know it’s just easier to stay at home and watch Netflix.


  1. Appreciative of Diversity

There’s so much prejudice and hate in the world, mostly due to the fact that people just don’t understand diversity. Cities attract all kinds of people, so you have the opportunity to expose your kids to a diverse society from a young age. They can learn to respect and love people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, abilities, and more.



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