Why Skateboarding is Good for Your Child’s Health

Whilst it might be associated with counter culture and bad kids, skateboarding is actually good for you. If you’re struggling to get your kids active and away from their computer games or the internet, then skateboarding may be the answer. If they aren’t into the more popular team sports, then why not suggest skateboarding. It’s a sport that requires an incredible amount of skill, from balance to muscle and perseverance and determination. With the news that our children aren’t getting enough exercise resonating with the world, it’s time to make sure that your kids are healthy.

Physical Health

Skateboarding has a plethora of benefits for a child’s physical health. It can provide a good aerobic and cardiovascular workout that will help your child raise their heart rate and burn calories. It will improve the endurance and control of muscles in the back, chest, legs and arms. The harder your child works at skateboarding, the better they will become at it, and the more physically demanding it will be. The harder tricks that they try, the more muscles they will use. If your child is finding it hard to get a good workout from skating, then they should start skating in a hilly area.

Mental Health

Skateboarding is good for the mental health of your child too. Learning any new skill encourages perseverance and determination, and frustration and tantrums are likely to occur, especially with learning to skateboard. Skateboarding has the reward of an incredible feeling of pride when you complete a trick which is well worth the frustration beforehand. The equipment that you use also encourages pride and care, as skateboards are usually lavished with stickers and often need bigger and better trucks and wheels, such as the ones from Skate Hut.

Safety Gear

Make sure your child is safe when they are skateboarding. They may be travelling at speed, and they will fall off their board a lot, so having the correct safety gear can help make it easier to get up and try again. Your child must wear a well-fitting helmet, not one that they will ‘grow into’ as this won’t provide any protection. Elbow and knee pads are also good additions. Advice from the National Safety Council states that you shouldn’t skate on the street, and that learning how to fall can prevent injuries. They advise that you should try and relax and fall on the fleshy parts of your body as this will cause the least amount of injury.

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