Why Renault Kwid?

Renault has an eye on the largest consumer sector in the Indian car market and that is the middle and lower middle class. These are the two classes that have been buying cars rapidly and have sparked a change in what the market used to look like and what it is like today. Thus, when it comes to the Kwid, the company has priced it accordingly to attract consumers from different price brackets towards it. It aims at establishing a solid consumer base in the country before introducing any more of its models. And the overall performance of the car can be said to be that of a quality performer. The company, Renault already has a name outside the country in the international markets as being synonymous with luxury vehicles. And that is not all, they are equally focused on quality too. Once that you have driven a Renault, you will automatically begin to draw a comparison with the other vehicles in the category. Renault Kwid price too has been quoted by the company keeping in mind the consumer base.


The entry-level segment:

The car starts at 2.75 lakhs for the lowest model. In this variant of the car, you will be getting everything that is admired about the car. There is a general perception in the market that you should not be buying anything that starts at the entry level segment. You should wait for at least the upper or one up model form the model being introduced. The company, Renault lets go of this false belief and shows exactly how wrong you exactly are in the area. Once that you have test driven the car, you will notice the improvements that have been made in the starting model too. You will not feel the change in the quality of the engine as you go up in the Renault Kwid price. The only changes that you see are the ones that have been made in the extra additional features of the car. They are only there for luxury but the rest has been taken care of quite well by the company.

A quality buy:

If you are looking for a car that serves you equally well and makes good on the investment value too then this is what you should be going for, it is a quality buy for the price that it comes in and gives you quite an excellent return on your money. The company has announced further upgrades to the car and the newer models should be expected to roll out any time soon. The more you look towards the company, the more you will see that it makes its cars with a view towards the public.

Visit the nearest Renault showroom to get to know the car and the offers that you stand to get on it. Once that you have confirmed your model and your buy, the showroom will provide you with the rest and within no time, you will be rolling down the streets in your new car.

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