Why Drug Charges Need A Good Criminal Lawyer


There are different types of charges that can be filed against someone as regards to illegal drugs and controlled substances. Any person facing drug charges needs the services of a criminal lawyer, since the punishments are very high.

Drug convictions involve being jailed, fines, probationor a combination of any or all of these penalties. Whether the offender is guilty or innocent of the charges, they still need someone to protect their rights.Good drug possession lawyers will assure the best result possible for their clients.


Illegal drugs and substances are the heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy. Also, illegal is the use or ownership of drugs which are limited in use and amount by medicine. If someone has another person’sdrug medications, they can be accused with a felon. Counterfeiting a prescription or falsifying prescription information is also another account for drug charges.


Individuals supposedly found to have illegal drugs can be charged with possession. The level of penalties change, it is subject to the state where this occurs. A person can accused with possession simply by owning or using an illegal drug. The quantity of drugs someone purportedly has the in their possession affects the type of charges filed. There are several limit amounts for various kinds of substances. Often, when someone has more than they could possibly use for themselves in a short span of time, they are charged with possession with the intention to circulate. This is a bigger charge with higher punishments, and more at stake if the individual is sentenced.

Manufacture of Illegal Substances

In the clear eyes of the law, there is a major difference in merely owning illegal substances as opposed to making or creating them. Like for example, someone who has amethamphetamine lab set up in their garage will face longer jail time and higher penalty fines if sentenced than someone with no equipment and just enough of the substance for one hit.

Driving Under The Influence

In most of the states, driving under the influence of illegal drugs is subject to the same laws as driving under the influence of alcohol. Without a positive blood test taken very close to the time the person was driving, but it is very hard for the, detective to get a conviction on these types of drug charges. They are often accompanied by at least one other traffic charge, like collapse to yield the right-of-way, reckless driving, speeding or running a red light.

Depending upon the critical situation of some other charges and the case involved, a good criminal lawyer or traffic attorney may be able to get these charges dropped everything.

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