Where Can I Get My Personalised Number Plate?

Many of us love our cars and we want to make our cars truly personal to us. One of the best ways to achieve just that is to get a personalised registration plate. This means that whilst you may have th same cars as so many other people, the registration plate will not only be unique to your car, it will also be unique to you personally.

The Price

When it comes to choosing a personalised registration plate, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the price of the number. It is important to remember that the more unique you wish to make the number, the more expensive it will become.

Here are just some prime examples of personalised number plates that cost exceeding high amounts of money.

  • KI NGS – This one was sold to the Saudi Royal Family in the 1990s. It does seem rather appropriate, but it cost the buyer £250,000.
  • F1 – This plate was bought the businessman Afzal Khan for £440,000 and attached it to his McLaren-Mercedes SLR -a car inspired by F1 technology. He later turned down an offer of £6 million for the plate.
  • 1 D – This number plate has little to do with the successful boyband, One Direction, but in 2009 this plate was sold for £350,000. If any of the One Direction members wish to buy this reg plate, we are certain it will cost much more now.

The truth is that the majority of registration plates are nowhere near this exorbitant amounts of money.


Another issue you must face is to see if the registration plate of your choice is available for purchase. If it has been purchased by another, then you must consider alternatives to your first choice. The current style of Registration plate consists of two letters followed by two numbers to identify the age of the vehicle, followed by a space and then three letters at the end. This style has been in use since 2001.

If you can’t get your chosen registration plate, feel free to contact the DVLA and they will help you the best they can to get you that registration plate. If the number hasn’t been previously issues, it could be likely that it will be on sale at a future DVLA Auctions.

If the registration plate of your choice has been previously sold, you can find out if the number is for sale by a cherished number dealer. However, if a number has been previously registered, it cannot be resurrected.

Can you get one on a leased car?

If you have got a car on a personal car leasing agreement, then the answer is yes, you can if you get the car on a Personal Contract Purchase. However, if you have a car under any other car leasing agreement such as contract hire, then you cannot get a personalised registration number on your leased car. Best option is to ask the question when you first lease the car.

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