What You Need to Know about Domain Names

Choosing and purchasing a domain name is an important part of your online marketing strategy. Many people mull over those details, then spend a little time researching the company from which they buy their domain name, also known as a registrar. Don’t forget the following tips when purchasing your domain.

Domain names and internet concept

In this case, it means buying for more than one year. You can’t purchase domains for less than a year, but you can purchase them for two, three or even more years. This could mean serious savings over that time period; although, you’ll pay upfront.

2. You Should Consider Privacy

You can look up information about the owners of a domain through a WHOIS search. You’ll see names, phone numbers and even addresses for domain owners and tech support. This can be helpful, but it also poses a concern for privacy.

Some registrars offer free privacy protection. If you’re opting for the cheapest domain name registration, you might pay extra for WHOIS protection, also known as domain privacy. However, it may be worth it if you don’t want people to know your name and contact information. Alternatively, you can enter information that you are comfortable with the general public seeing. Just make sure to update that information should it change.

3. Some Registrars Make It Difficult to Leave

Domain locking prevents unauthorized users from snagging your domain to use it for nefarious purposes, but you’ll need to unlock your domain name if you want to switch domain companies. This might be for several reasons. Perhaps you’ve found a better deal, more features or a more user-friendly interface. Occasionally, a domain registration company will add a few hurdles to prevent customers from leaving, even if they’re unhappy. This is where you should read reviews before handing over your money.

4. You Don’t Use the Dashboard Much But..

For many website owners, you look at your domain dashboard when you initially purchase it and need to set up your website. If you switch hosts, want to add privacy or have to change settings, you’ll also log in. Most people only log in yearly — if that — to renew their subscription.

However, the types of things you do when you own a domain mean the user interface matters. If it’s outdated or convoluted, you might find yourself frustrated. This is especially true if you’re not tech savvy. Many companies have examples of their control panels, however, so you can see if it’s a good fit!

5. You Might Want to Purchase Similar Domains

If you type an extra “O” in Google.com, you still wind up at the search engine. This is because the company has purchased similar domains and those that contain typos visitors might see. Of course, You meant “Google” when you typed “Gooogle,” and your own clients might make some similar mistakes. Consider adding a few similar names to your budget.

Buying your domain should be exciting and pain-free, and our advice can help!

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