Verizon FIOS Advantages

FIOS Internet has a number of advantages over the competitors including flexibility, pricing, and others. This means that you’ll be likely to find a reason that applies to you if you look deeply enough.



Verizon FIOS tends to be considerably cheaper than other options out there. The reason for this is because FIOS makes a point of undercutting other ISP providers. You tend to get more for your money in terms of how much bandwidth you get for the price point. They often speeds of 75 Mbps or more for well under $100. They also have a number of packages that let you bundle stuff together such as Internet, TV and phone in order to save even more money overall.


Verizon is known for having a reasonably good support network. Considering that one of their major competitions is known for being one of the worst companies in the world, this isn’t exactly hard, but it is impressive anyway. Verizon has support people waiting around the clock and you can connect to them in a number of different ways.

There are relatively low reports of any kind of hard-selling as well. As long as you know what to ask and connect to the right areas for getting help, you should be able to get what you want relatively quickly.

Flexibility and Other Advantages

Another major advantage that Verizon has is that it doesn’t have caps the way many other providers do. It’s true that there is a practical limit even though the company does say “unlimited.” But this limit is usually several Terabytes. Other services have caps of 250 GB per month or less. Verizon really is more flexible about how much data they let you use provided that you don’t try to run your own ISP out of your house. This is usually the level of abuse that tends to irritate Verizon.

Other companies are far less forgiving. They key s to go to the right sites that can offer you the best deals out there. These deals tend to vary from day to day, so it helps to regularly visit them in order to keep on top of the ones that are going to work for you the most. It might also help to visit the sites during seasons known for deals such as near holidays. AN example of a site like this includes this one:

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