Tips for Planning An Outdoor Special Event

Special occasions held outdoors are always beautiful, particularly when it comes to getting married in the great outdoors. There are so many benefits, it’s difficult to list them all. Outdoor weddings are far more affordable than indoor weddings in which you pay for the venue. The natural scenery is so breathtaking you likely need very little in terms of décor, and there’s just something so romantic about exchanging your vows in front of the setting sun, on the beach, or in a garden of beautiful flowers. Of course, there’s a long list of things that might go wrong when hosting an outdoor wedding, but there’s always a way to handle those.


Prep Time is Important

If you’re getting married in your gorgeous backyard over the setting sun in front of the mountains in your backyard, you need time to prep. You need time to have a landscape company come and weed the garden, mow the lawn, patch any dead spots in the grass, and trim the hedges. Allow at least 8 weeks to get the lawn properly maintained before your event.

Special Occasion Spraying

Bugs are going to be the death of any outdoor event, especially your wedding. There’s nothing romantic about slapping away mosquitoes when you need to dab the tears from your eyes in the middle of reciting your wedding vows. Having your yard sprayed for your special occasion eliminates the pests, mosquitoes, and any other uninvited guests from ruining your big day. Pest control can’t guarantee uninvited family, coworkers, or old friends won’t show up but if they do, they won’t worry about being bitten by mosquitoes or other pests.

Rent Tents

Rain happens, and sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. It might be a bit warmer than you thought, it might be a bit more overcast than you thought, or you might be missing a little something. Tents are a perfect way to ensure your guests have some shade, some protection from rain, and something that looks just a bit more elegant. It’s going to keep your food cooler for longer periods of time, and it’s a great place to put the dance floor, the bartender, and the DJ so you can have the most fun on your big day.

Outdoor weddings are some of the most beautiful, but they’re also some of the most stressful to plan. The wedding planner can control numerus things on your wedding day, but Mother Nature is always in control. Plan ahead and know your wedding day has the best chance of being everything you ever hoped it would be as a result of your planning. Don’t let what you can control ruin your big day.

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