The Top Three Reasons why Your Bathroom Needs a Freestanding Bath

Whether you have an existing bathroom or are still planning to have a completely new bathroom built for your home, you may well want to consider a freestanding bath. Freestanding baths have been the rage for decades and their popularity hasn’t waned, especially now that there are freestanding baths that come with more modern, contemporary styles and designs.

But if you are still not sure whether you should really opt for a freestanding bath or not, here’s what you should know: the top three reasons why your bathroom needs a freestanding bath.

  1. A more spacious, open look

Alcove or built-in baths are usually ideal for small (read: tiny) bathrooms, but if you have a bit more space in your bathroom, then you should definitely use this space for a freestanding bath. But even if you do have limited space, you can still go for a freestanding bath for the simple reason that there are now freestanding baths that are even smaller than a standard alcove or built-in bath. Also, with a freestanding bath, your bathroom can actually look bigger. This is especially true if the bath is placed in the bathroom’s centre, as there is additional space underneath or around the bath which makes the bathroom appear broader and airier.

  1. Uniqueness

A typical bathroom would be fitted with an alcove or built-in bath. An alcove or built-in bath is already a standard for most bathrooms. But wouldn’t you want your bathroom to look (and feel) different? With a freestanding bath, your bathroom will certainly look different and have a more unique, personal theme. If you place your freestanding bath in the centre, it automatically becomes a lovely focal point for the bathroom. If you place your freestanding bath in the corner or against a wall, it gives your bathroom a cosy, comfortable look as well. What’s more, with a freestanding bath, you can enhance your bath-time with hardly any effort, taking advantage of the innate luxuriousness of the bath to have a better bath experience overall.

  1. Practicality

Whilst it’s obvious that freestanding baths are the best when it comes to beauty, aesthetic appeal, and uniqueness, they can also be immensely practical and functional. For example, cleaning and maintaining a freestanding bath is actually easier than cleaning and maintaining an alcove or built-in bath. This is due to the fact that a freestanding bath’s sides are exposed and not hidden. You can easily reach underneath the bath or reach the bath’s sides if you want to keep it clean. Also, if you have young children, it would be easier to give them a bath in a freestanding bath since you can reach them from different sides as well.

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