Some Simple and Easy Ways to Enhance Your Recycling Potential as a Business

To many of us, the idea of recycling comes with images of tonnes of bottles and crushed soda cans and tins. But recycling is actually more than that – it is a principle of design, a way of tackling issues concerning the environment, and even a source of funds. If you are running your own business and would like to improve your processes when it comes to recycling waste, here are some simple and easy ways you can do so.

Think of the 3 Rs

The first thing you need to do is think about the 3 Rs. What are the 3 Rs? It’s simple: ‘reduce,’ ‘re-use,’ and ‘recycle.’ Most people are only familiar with the third word – recycle – but the first two words are equally important. In fact, before you ‘recycle,’ you should think of the first two words first.

What is primarily of importance is to reduce the amount of things you consume. You should focus on consuming products which are well-designed so they can last longer. Also, it’s important to find a way to use your so-called ‘waste’ materials. For instance, if something is broken, perhaps you can find a way to fix it first. One good example of the ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ principle is this: yes, you can be mindful of water bottles and make sure they are recycled properly. But you can reduce your consumption by making use of a water filter as well as re-usable water containers as well.

Inform yourself

It is also a good idea to arm yourself with more knowledge regarding the rules on recycling, particularly in your location. But there are also different forms of recycling, be it for residential waste or commercial waste, and there’s also what is termed ‘real recycling‘ as well as ‘green washed recycling.’ Familiarise yourself with various recycling terms and processes so you can make better decisions, such as choosing a good commercial waste disposal partner.

Choose to purchase recycled products

As a business, you can find ways to purchase recycled products for your office as well. For instance, rather than buying a completely new office chair, you can purchase recycled office chairs. The same is true for your use of paper. Use recycled printer paper instead of virgin paper, especially for standard office memos and communications.

You can even make it a point to recycle whatever electronics products you have. If you have an office computer which is no longer working, you can look for non-profit organisations which are willing to get your computer and make it work again for other people. Other major electronic appliances can be donated to local shops specialising in electronics repair, or you can present them to trade institutions and even hobbyists who can tinker with them. Granted, the possibilities are endless – but you have to start somewhere today.

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