Some Practical and Easy Measures You can Take to Improve Your Business’ Security

Security is of everyone’s concern – now more than ever, given the economic and political environment we are in. Crime is up, and the trend doesn’t seem to slow down. This includes crimes against businesses, which in the UK make up about 20% of all crimes. It’s no joke, and if you as business owner or as business manager have been lucky so far, then count your blessings. Times are changing and your business should be protected. Fortunately, it’s not so hard to make sure your business is protected – all you have to do is implement some simple, straightforward mechanisms. And the great thing is, it doesn’t cost that much. Here are some practical and easy measures you can take to improve your business’ security.



Understand the problem. This could actually be the fun part, if you’re so inclined; you get to pretend you’re the criminal and see how you would break into your own building. There should be a risk assessment, and this will serve to identify the weak and the strong areas. Remember, there’s always room for improvement – everywhere – but the weak spots need to be tended to first.

Focus on the obvious

First and foremost, this means that you should ensure that all locks and bolts – on doors and windows – are of good quality and can withstand some force. Whilst it is true that any building can eventually be penetrated, it takes time, and criminals like to act quickly. Securing your locks ensures breaking in will take time (and noise). Build the wall a bit higher. Make sure there are no dark spots and have lights everywhere on the premises.

Think of a system

It often makes sense to implement a routine – this will ensure that, if anything outside of the routine happens, alarm bells are automatically raised. Think of a system. Involve your staff.

Assign responsibility

By assigning responsibility to key members of your staff, your employees are intimately involved and a culture of security and safety is cultivated. This increases morale and makes everyone more at ease.

Here’s something many business owners are not aware of: it’s perfectly okay to go to the police and request them to help you find your weak spots. They have cases of cases of property crime every year, and they have experienced people who can tell you how entry points into a chosen building are usually chosen. Additionally, you can consult a professional security service – one with years of experience, such as Oxford security services like Securipol. And here’s an added benefit: by taking some practical measures, you may actually gain financially as well; you may actually have less insurance premiums as a result. Be safe, be practical. Protect your most vital assets.

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