Online marketing for charities: How to find and engage an audience

One of the most difficult aspects of operating a charity organisation is finding ways to reach out to your target audience. Engaging with people who will be interested in the work your charity does, as well as reaching people who would be interested in contributing time and money, can seem impossible when you have limited funds to use for marketing and advertisement.


Internet marketing has become a very real solution for charities, enabling your not-for-profit organisation to benefit from many of the same marketing solutions that serve for-profit businesses very well. Going into things with a corporate mind-set will help you utilize effective marketing strategies to spread your message and encourage more donations to your charities.

Key marketing tips for growing your charity’s online presence

It is impossible for people to get involved with your charity if they don’t know about it, so raising awareness of your organisation and what you do is a top priority. Building a good quality website is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your charity’s profile. For a small investment of money and slightly larger investment of time and information, you can pull together an effective website that will engage your target audience, providing them all the right information about your charity and giving them the tools they need to reach out and get involved through volunteering their time or donating money and goods to the cause.

Social media has become one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach out to people. Creating connections with users makes your charity a part of this broad international network. This also gives you the audience to broadcast news about your charity, including events and fundraising, as well as drawing visitors to your website who are in search of more information and products.

Raising money for your charity and marketing it more broadly can coincide if you use product placement to garner attention. Marketing your charity products through your online website and social media sites will not only raise funds for your charity, but also draw positive attention to your specific cause. Military charities that benefit wounded veterans and veterans of WW2 may profit, for example, from a fundraising campaign involving commemorative treasures, coins and medals. Images of the collectible treasures may be posted freely on your website, and through social media, you can advertise these offers to people interested in your charitable cause.

Video is a vital part of any online media campaign. Creating videos that will “go viral” as people watch and share them avidly across the Internet has become a goal for charities just as it has for businesses and private blogs. Video websites such as YouTube offer incentives for non-profit organisations to maintain their own channel on the site and have access to exclusive benefits that will help you increase awareness of your cause. Take Help for Heroes as an example of a charity that is using online video content to spread awareness of the vital work that they do on a daily basis.

Marketing your charity organisation through online media is one of the most direct means to engage your audience and garner attention for your cause. Building a solid website and social media profile for your charity will put your campaign within the reach of millions of interested people, boosting your profile and

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