Making Cash on Dota 2

Today, the in-game items are a must-have in most games, no matter how big or small they are. For most mobile developers these objects are a number one source of monetization. But the big players of the market also make tons of cash by selling or even giving away in-game items. The most accomplished company in this business is Valve Corporation. They managed to create objects that don’t influence gameplay or character performance in any way but still are extremely popular and costly. One of the best examples is Dota 2 which is probably the most famous game among teens right now.

Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena that is enjoyed by more than 12 million unique players every month. The objective of the game is destroying the enemy team’s “Ancient” (a structure situated on the enemy’s home territory). There are two battling teams with five players each. Each player controls one character which is called a hero. In total there are 113 heroes to choose from. They are classified into categories due to their individual skills like strength, speed, and wisdom. Dota 2 was introduced to the world in July 2013 and quickly became an irreplaceable part of the competitive gaming scene. It has the biggest prize pool in the eSport – the sixth International in 2016 had a prize pool larger than $20M. With so much money circling it’s no surprise that shortly the in-game items called skins were introduced to the market.

Original look for the each character

Skins are typically received when playing Dota 2 and reaching new levels. But some players are ready to spend massive amounts of money for an original design of their weapon or armor that can’t be easily gained in the battle. Skins are sold at Steam Community Market, which is owned by Valve by the way. Most of them are inexpensive, but the profit from their trade is rather high considering that Valve takes a 15% cut from every Dota 2 related acquisition. The fact that you can’t withdraw the funds from Steam Market but only spend on buying something else on the platform makes the final cut even bigger.

Make cash with an ease

However, there are several ways to cash out those funds. You can use them as chips at online casinos or pick a much safer method and sell your Dota skins to services like Such services buyout skins for a slightly lesser price, offer different currencies and provide a decent service.

So, some people actually managed to create a whole business around Dota 2 skins, while others just enjoy switching expensive outfits when strolling through a digital war world. You don’t have to be Valve employee to make some money on in-game items.

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