Look for a Commercial Coffee Grinder Right for You

You can have a skilled barista, the finest espresso machine and the best-roasted coffee beans money can buy, but if the beans are not ground right you will still be disappointed. Grinding exposes the delicate flavours inside the beans to hot water, which absorbs them to create the beverage we all love.


How the Fineness of the Grind Affects the Flavour

Coarser-ground beans work best with slower brewing methods. If they are ground too fine, this exposes more surface area to the heated water to produce a bitter, over-extracted taste. To get the mix right, we need to look for a commercial coffee grinder with fine adjustments that produces a consistent grind.

Look for a Commercial Coffee Grinder That Does Four Things Well

  • An airtight hopper that keeps the coffee beans fresh
  • A grinding mechanism that produces consistent results
  • Step-less dials that allow very small, variable adjustments
  • A grinding mechanism that does not overheat the beans

You will find there are four different types of grinding mechanisms, as you look for a commercial coffee grinder for your catering business.

Roller Grinders

Roller grinders use pairs of corrugated rollers to grind the beans. The result is consistently fine and never overheated in the process. Unfortunately, the equipment cost is out of the reach of most independent catering businesses.

Traditional Pounding

Some specialist shops still use traditional mortars and pestles to prepare coffee grounds for signature Arabic and Turkish coffees. This method produces a grind close to powdery.

Mechanical Chopping

Electric grinders using fast-spinning blades are a popular choice in private homes because of price. Their low-volume output is small, uneven chunks. It follows the variable result will produce inconsistent, even unpredictable flavours.

Burr Grinding

For all these reasons, professional restaurants and bars prefer burr grinders, where revolving wheels and other elements produce a uniform fineness. There is little frictional heat, unless the equipment is in constant use. When you look for a commercial coffee grinder with quality in mind there really is no other choice.

The Final Decision: Which Commercial Coffee Grinder to Buy?

Since the secret to grinding coffee is the right, even consistency, it pays to find a coffee grinder that adjusts the processing time by product weight, not time. There are a few, in fact, very few flat grinders on the market with continuous micrometric grinding adjustments, and ring nuts to set them.

When you see your barista’s eyes light up, and a smile spreads from ear-to ear, you will know you did the right thing. You now know the trade secrets when you look for a commercial coffee grinder. One that will bring patrons back again, and again.

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