How to Prepare for the Ultimate Road Trip Adventure

When most people think about a road trip they often imagine a movie-montage type affair, with the entire experience taking no more than 45 seconds and everybody is smiling. However, as anybody who has undertaken a road trip journey will tell you, it isn’t all smiling, dancing and gasoline fights (Zoolander style). To help make your next road trip enjoyable and see everybody arrive safely and sanely, we’ve prepared some useful tips.


Start with a Fresh Mind

There’s no arguing that driving through the night has its advantages, however, it isn’t the best time for your mind or your body to drive. Additionally, you tend to miss out on the enjoyment of a road trip as you can’t see much and the roads and rest stops are pretty bare. Instead, let everybody get a good sleep and leave early in the morning. Not only will this help your body cope with the upcoming long-haul drive, having everybody awake and alert will make for a more enjoyable and safe trip.

Don’t Get Stuck

When it comes to a road trip, your journey will only last as long as your vehicle, so take a few extra minutes and make sure it’s up to the task. Instead of checking the fluid levels right before you drive, do it a week in advance. If you notice your oil levels are running low, don’t risk getting stuck and instead head to the Groupon Coupons page for Grainger and pick yourself up some motor oil. You aren’t going to use the whole bottle, so be sure to pack what is left in your trunk in case you need it along the way. While you’re at it, now is the perfect time to check the pressure in your tires. Not only will the right pressure make for a smoother ride, it will also help to increase your fuel efficiency.

Lost for Words?

While you may have been good friends for a number of years, you aren’t always going to have something to talk about. Be sure to load up your cell phone and mp3 player with enough music to keep you all entertained for the journey. If you are driving with kids or teens who act like kids, pack a few DVD for them to watch in the back seat.

Hungry Passengers Are Distracting Passengers

To make sure everybody stays fueled along the journey, be sure to pack a good amount of snacks and drinks. Try to steer away from sugar based items which can make car-bound passengers restless and be sure to bring along plenty of water.

With these four tips, you and your friends are sure to enjoy all that a road trip has to offer without the common mistakes people make which turn their journey into a nightmare.

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