How to Plan for a Stress-Free Roadtrip!

When it comes to the summer time it can seem like second nature to gather all of your friends or your family and complete a road trip. After all, that’s when they all happen in the movies. And while this may be a great time to take on an adventure it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a road trip during the colder season.

To help you plan for a great stress-free road trip, below are some tips to consider.


It All Starts With a Solid Plan

Jumping in the car and just driving in a direction is a great way to start a road trip in a movie which when the people don’t actually have to continue with the driving. In reality, however, the passengers become tired after a few hours before everybody realizes that you don’t know where you are, your car breaks down, and you don’t have anywhere to sleep for the night.

Instead, ask your question the following questions:

  • What route will you take?
  • At what time will you all leave?
  • What is the driver schedule?
  • Where will you stop to change drivers and when?
  • When do you expect to reach your destination?

The above questions will help you to plan out the foundations for a well-planned road trip and will help to keep stress levels low and enjoyment levels high!


Don’t Leave Everything up to the Driver

It can be easy to assume that the driver or even the owner of the car is responsible for everybody along the way. However, the truth is that it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure they have everything they need for the journey, such as:

  • Enough food to keep you going
  • Water
  • Travel Games
  • Music
  • A blanket
  • A first aid kit
  • Device charging cables
  • Headphones
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Offline entertainment

The last tip is particularly important as there will be times when you don’t have cell reception and won’t be able to continue listening to any streaming music or watch any streaming movie services.

When it comes to the food, along with everybody packing their own food, have everybody bring one extra snack item to share with the car snack bin.

Of course, the purpose of comfortable clothes is to make the journey more enjoyable. If you don’t have anything that will work, the Groupon Coupons page for Express has some great ideas for comfortable winter clothing.


Along the Way

Now that you have everything planned and packed it’s time to get underway. As you are all enjoying the journey, be sure to consider the following trip-guidelines:

  • The driver is in charge of the music selection and volume
  • Anybody can request a break at any time
  • Anybody listening to loud music should wear headphones (except for the driver)
  • If you eat smelly food, open a window.
  • At the start of the journey, everybody contributes the same amount of money for gas and trip expenses.

Cold weather is just a great of a time to take a road trip as any other time of the year, it just needs a little planning to ensure it’s a smooth journey. If you love the idea of taking a road trip this season, keep this article in mind and you rest assured that you will have a great and enjoyable adventure!

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