How to have a good customer service for your massage parlor

It takes a lot to satisfy a customer, first you need to understand what the customer is really looking for.  People are looking for something that stands out above the competition. When a customer walks in, they should meet staff that are well spoken, warm and very professional. Phrases that you would like to use should be scripted and staff should be trained on how to use them till they get used to them.  Always make sure that bookings are confirmed and offer other additional services.


Customer service is essential for massage providers. Guests love it when they are handled by great staff.  High standards must be upheld, comfort, a relaxing environment, price and product knowledge.  The massage therapist should be able to know the tools she is using and know the ingredients and techniques that suit the client. The provider must be able to understand the client well, whether he wants to relax and be left alone or whether he should be talked to.  The provider must find a way of engaging with the client without being invasive.


An exceptional therapist is one who listens to his clients. Before the start of any session, the therapist should talk to the client and understand his needs and expectations and work with it. Communication also needs to be very clear and the client needs to understand what is going on. The massage or body rub provider should also be in a position to share the latest information and current trends with the client and they should consistently keep learning and improving their skills.


When receiving clients they should be greeted upon arrival and addressed by their second names until given a go ahead to use the first name. When the phone rings it should be answered within the first three rings. The person receiving the client should be enthusiastic and should be excited for the client. Once they have been checked in, they should be given an orientation of the facility, where they will have their session and how everything works. The area should be clean, and towels and bathrobes should be have no stains. The place also needs to smell good. Your services needs to stand out for people to come back.


The attendant should know how to interact with the guests, engaging them in interesting conversations. The client should also be given a cup of tea and be helped in any way possible. Once the guest is ready to check out, it should be checked whether they are satisfied and whether they will be booking another appointment.


You can introduce a loyalty program which will definitely capture the hearts of your clients. Giving your clients points every time they visit will definitely ensure that they come back. Your clients are your most valuable asset and they should be treated in the best way possible and ensure that keep in touch with them.  Your current clients are likely to promote your business to others. They want to feel respected and appreciated so that they can value their experience in your massage parlor.




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