How the Ideal Pair of Sunglasses Really Protect You from the Elements

If you like spending a lot of time outdoors, then you know very well how important it is to protect yourself from the elements. And we’re not just talking about wind, rain, or snow – we’re also talking about the sun’s rays and glare. Whilst it’s all well and good to think carefully about the clothes you wear for protection, you also have to think about the right pair of sunglasses. Here’s how the ideal pair of sunglasses can really protect you from the elements.


Protect yourself from the effects of snow

Did you know that it’s not only the sun that you have to worry about when spending time outdoors? If you spend some time in the snow, the snow itself can cause damage to your eyes. Wearing the right pair of sunglasses in the snow can prevent as much as 80% of the sun’s UV rays from being absorbed by your eyes. There’s actually a condition referred to as snow blindness, and this is where the sun’s glare in the snow can burn your cornea. So whether you’re snowboarding, skiing, or are just simply taking a walk on a snowy mountain, you should wear the proper pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses you choose should also cover the bottom of your eyes as the snow tends to be very reflective.

Protection from wind, sand, and dust

The proper pair of sunglasses can also protect your eyes from wind, sand, and dust. If you are in a sandy area (such as the beach), the sand can easily get into your eyes and cause irritation or even damage. The same is true if you are in a windy area, where dust and dirt can penetrate your eyes and cause pain and discomfort. Again, your sunglasses should provide thorough eye protection and should completely cover your entire eye area.

Protection from the sun

Most people wear sunglasses as protection from the sun, and they’re absolutely right in having this extra layer of protection. The sun’s UV rays can be particularly harmful, especially in the long term, and you would want to make sure that your eyes are completely protected from ultra-violet radiation at all times. If you are prone to headaches, the sun’s rays and glare might even trigger headaches and migraines due to eye strain.

Without a doubt, the right pair of sunglasses can make a big difference in your overall comfort and can help you make sure that you are protecting yourself thoroughly from the elements. But make sure they are the right pair – don’t just go for the cheap stuff that offer limited protection and are not specially-designed by experts. This is where the proper pair of Oakley sunglasses come in – they not only offer complete protection from the elements: they’re stylish, elegant, and make you look great as well.

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