How Learning Music Is Good for Your Child

It can be difficult sometimes for a parent to know what to do to help his kid’s development. As every kid is different and need an adapted path, it becomes complicated to push the child into trying something he may not want to do in the first place. One of the best activities you can sign the kid in is music learning. Even if you’re afraid that hearing your kid practice music every night will annoy you, many studies proved that learning music is very beneficial for the development of children. Here are some reasons why.

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It’s accessible

Learning music is great because it can be adapted to the child. There are many instruments, music styles and ways of learning so there are more chances that your child likes it. It’s also really accessible. To go to a music school is the best way to learn quickly and there are many of them. That way, there’s a great selection of different price ranges, locations and schedules that can fit your lifestyle.


Practicing music regularly has a positive effect on the part of the brain in control of verbal memory. Studies have shown that the kids who practice music have developed this part better than the ones who don’t. The movements the children have to do while practicing music also stimulates memory. Learning music is mainly learning sequences of movements and as memorizing movements can be easier than memorizing other things like numbers or words it helps develop the memorizing mechanisms.

Expression and creativity

Music is an art. When your child is playing music, he’s creating something. Music is a good medium to express feelings and develop imagination. By creating songs, a child shows his feelings and what he thinks is interesting. Even if he’s not composing, there’s a big part of creativity and intuition in the interpretation of a song written by a composer.


There’s only one way to get better in music: practicing. You have to play a song many times before you get it right. It takes a lot of time and implication to be able to master a track. This kind of involvement is really great for a child because he will learn to commit to something and find ways to ignore distractions.

Improve his mood

Playing music can be truly calming. Studies proved that it can reduce anxiety and regulate mood. At first, the kids usually learn music in groups so it can also help to feel like you belong somewhere. It’s really important for a child to feel that he’s not alone. It can also help with self-esteem to be able to create something.



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