Go Green on Your Wedding Day

Are you thinking about the environment when you should be thinking about yourself on your big day? Maybe you can do both. Here are some cool ideas for having a green wedding that will inspire both you and your wedding planner.

Announce Your Green Wedding

In your wedding invitations with pictures, let guests know that you intend to go green on your wedding day. It might just inspire them to go green as they plan to attend your wedding festivities, too! They don’t have to give you all eco-friendly gifts, but they can do some of the things that you’ll be doing to prepare for the event.

Buy Local

The best thing you can do for the environment is to buy local. You’ll be doing local merchants a favor by keeping money in the local community. When you think about all the transportation and fuel costs that go along with the importation of goods, you’ll see how much sacrifice can be avoided by buying locally.

Buy Vintage Jewelry

Engagement and wedding rings exact a heavy toll on the environment. One way to avoid all that is to either buy second hand, vintage or to use family heirloom jewelry. Vintage pieces can be found in antique stores and at auction houses. These can be just as fun to shop for, and they can impart a historical element to your nuptials. Family heirloom jewelry, of course, adds a level of sentiment to your wedding ring exchange that is far better than buying a ring from a jewelry retailer.

Wear a Vintage Gown

Modern brides are impressed with modern bridal gowns. Older gowns are often so out of date, many brides would be loath to wear their grandmother’s wedding gown. However, remember that a vintage gown can easily be altered by a talented seamstress. Since most “off the rack” gowns still have to be altered anyway, why not use a vintage gown that holds much more sentimental value?

Hold the Ceremony Outdoors

It’s a small concession to hold the wedding ceremony outdoors instead of inside, and it saves an amazing amount of energy to do so. Instead of using electricity to light up the event, you can rely on the natural light of the sun to illuminate the ceremony. When it comes time for the reception, a party tent outfitted with LED lights will save even more on energy, since LED bulbs use far less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs.

Give Locally-Made Gifts

Your wedding party will enjoy the thoughtful effort you make to give handmade, locally made gifts. Instead of buying bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts from some corporate entity, consider sourcing some local artisans to make custom gifts for those who played a special part in your wedding. Ideas include candles, herbal soaps, custom pillows and more.

Offer Ride Shares to the Wedding

Rather than having everyone drive separate vehicles to your wedding, hire a shuttle service to bring your guests to the ceremony. Party buses are also available for wedding shuttle service. You’ll be saving tons of emissions from harming the earth, and this will help ensure that everyone arrives on time. You’ll also be helping your guests get home safely after a day and evening of partying and celebration.

These tips to have a green wedding are easy to implement and they won’t detract from the festivities at all. You’ll still be able to have all the fanfare that you’ve been looking forward to all your life. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to pull it off without costing the environment at thing!

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