Free activities to do while in Sydney that can help your budget

Sydney is a dream destination for many people the world over, and rightly so. It has what every major city has to offer plus much more including its amazing beaches, stunning weather for most of the year and an abundance of events and activities taking place throughout the year. But with this comes the prices which Sydney is also known for, this isn’t ideal considering the cost of simply reaching this city. Once your search for vacation homes in Sydney is complete you must factor in the added cost of the activities and things you want to do in the city.

Though there are many free and extremely cheap options which you can also do which will help stretch your budget even further, from scenic walks to firework shows, Sydney offers its visitors an endless supply of options. Below you will find some of the best free and cheap things to get up to in Sydney, this should help you make plans and discover the city on a budget.

Visit the beaches:

This one is a no-brainer really; most visitors already will have plans of what beaches they want to visit while in Sydney. But the number of options may surprise you and you can spend a few days visiting a wide range of beaches, each with their own quirks and events to check out. Many of the beaches have free public BBQ spaces which are a great way to spend the day as you can cook for friends and family and have an authentic Australian day at the beach.

Another popular alternative is to take the Bondi to Coogee walk, this will take a few hours as you walk along the coast and discover five of Sydney’s most popular beaches. Water sports, BBQs, sunbathing and sightseeing are just a few things to get up to on a day at the beach and this should cost you little to nothing.

Fireworks at Darling Harbour:

One of the highlights of a weekend in Sydney is the opportunity to see the free fireworks show in Darling Harbour. This takes place every Saturday night between 8.00pm and 9.00pm. The display lasts about 10 minutes and always draws a large crowd to the area.

Darling harbour hosts an abundance of bars and restaurants in which to view the display or you can simply find a nice spot along Pyrmont bridge in the harbour itself to enjoy the display. A definite must for a family or couple enjoy a nice evening stroll, you can also check out the beautiful Sydney skyline as it lights up for the weekend.

Watch a movie:

Throughout the year there are up to five places to watch free movies in Sydney. These play anything from classics to new releases and art house movies. A great way to spend the evening with your family or a significant other some of the locations is amazing.

Olympic Park, Darling Harbour and the Art factory are just a few locations in which to catch an evening screening. Darling Harbour is particularly geared toward family-friendly screenings. There is several websites that will inform you of where the screenings will be on so do a little research, buy some snacks and enjoy the show. This is definitely a nice way to save some money and spend a few hours relaxing.

Take a stroll around Sydney harbour:

To capture more of the scenic beauty of Sydney it’s a must for you to spend an evening the surrounds of the Sydney harbour and the amazing architecture that you get to wonder at. You can throw in a stroll in the Royal botanic gardens to still see the natural wonder of Sydney.

A few hours can be spent on the Sydney harbour bridge where you will see amazing views of the Sydney Opera house and the ferries as they come and go throughout the harbour. Following this disembark and get up and close with the Opera house and the Botanic gardens.

You can grab a bite to eat at the many restaurants in the area or have a drink as the sun sets over the harbour bridge. If you still have time you can take the cheap ferry out to Manly beach or Cockatoo island.

Other options:

A few other things you can do for free or cheap while in Sydney include a visitor to the Museum of contemporary art, this amazing building and its incredible collections are located in the rocks area of Sydney and includes a free tour of the building’s collections.

There are numerous other free museums with one of the most popular being the maritime museum in Darling harbour although only part of the exhibit is free, to board the ships or explore the main exhibits a small fee is necessary.

Other natural walks which are popular with locals and tourists alike include the north head sanctuary, located close to Manly beach and which can be started from Shelley beach, others include federation cliff walk which stretches from Dover heights to Watson’s bay and finally there is the red hand’s cave walking track. This final walk allows you the opportunity to see some of the most famous aboriginal at work in NSW.

As you can see there are endless options for a cheap and exciting visit to Sydney. These are just a few ideas and many more will emerge during your visit to this wonderful city.

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