Die Separators: Indispensable Tool

The Die separators are basically designed for stamping and molding of the metals. It is used for separating the upper die from the lower for the periodic maintenance. With the help of the Demag it is possible to transfer the die from the storage tank to the press line. The units operate on the battery or the AC supply that would go a long way in providing perfect results. To accomplish the process, the die is loaded into the unit with the help of a Die truck.  It is positioned in a proper manner so that that the die could be moved on with the help of the rollers.

After the die has been positioned and clamped, the upper platen is lowered onto the die and is clamped quite strongly.  Power lift arrangement plays a very important role to raise platen so that the upper and the lower die sections are separated. When the die is separated, the lower half moves along the bolster and the platen is lowered.  Platen moves at an angle of 180 degrees to ensure that the upper part of the die is serviced in a proper manner.  The completion of the process is accompanied by the joining of the two parts of the die. Assembled die is removed from the unit carefully so that it can be used for different tasks.

It is one of the safest and most cost efficient methods to perform the periodic maintenance of the die. Similarly Electric Motor Repairs is necessary for the people because malfunction can cause catastrophic effect. Preventive activities help to diagnose the problem and testing allows the early detection of the deterioration in the system. Electrical motors if not properly taken care off could be a potential security hazard.  With the help of the maintenance, the life of the equipment could be extended by many notches.

Some of the activities include the changes of the bearing because they are prone to wear and tear over a period of time.  Simultaneously in industries, the timely inspection of the journals, housing and the shafts are carried out by the users. Vibration analysis and rectification are the two most important aspects of electrical maintenance.  If the equipment is heavy, it is better to remove it because installation would be a very difficult process. Electrical motor certification is necessary to ensure that the equipment works for a very long time.

If you are running a company and the electric motor at your manufacturing plant suddenly stops working, it is the time to call a company that could repair the faulty parts. Cranes and heavy lift equipments are available that could check the rotor of the machine.  Sometimes, electric motor rewind is a good step to ensure the working of the equipment however the efficiency could decrease over a period of time.  The equipment shop should provide a guarantee that the repair work could be done in a stipulated time frame and must have the necessary wherewithal to accomplish the task.

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