Why Renault Kwid?


Renault has an eye on the largest consumer sector in the Indian car market and that is the middle and lower middle class. These are the two classes that have been buying cars rapidly and have sparked a change in what the market used to look like and what it is like today. Thus, when it comes to the Kwid, the company has priced it accordingly to attract consumers from…

Buy a Reliable Industrial Shelving System That Lasts


Industrial shelving can be a major investment in a large installation such as an auto spares depot or a distribution warehouse. Disruption can be significant when we need to rearrange the space or replace the racking. It therefore pays to buy a reliable industrial shelving system that is modular and lasts. Buy a Reliable Industrial Shelving System Not Loose Bits and Pieces It can be a false economy to expect…

Finding Business Tech Support

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In today’s professional world, technology is mostly a given, and business tech support is often a common need. To run a company, you usually need at least some basic equipment, and often you need office computers and a computer network. Just because you need these things, however, doesn’t mean that you know how everything works, nor does it mean that you should. Hiring someone to help with your equipment in-house…

Fin-Tech and the Power of the Individual

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The rise of fin-tech is one of those topics, like the advent of the driverless car, which has often seemed to promise more disruption in the future than is actually taking place at present. The fact that new technology is often advertised as having a revolutionary impact on a particular sector, when the truth is that change is almost always more incremental in nature, can prompt these slightly underwhelming evaluations….

Hype or Reality: Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Deliver?


Most of us want to save the environment, this is true. Saving money in the process doesn’t hurt either. Opting for energy efficient appliances and products is touted as being the best of both worlds. We draw less power from the grid, which in turn reduces demand for coal and other fossil fuels. We also see a benefit at tax time. Are these claims true or just the slick squawk…

Details Regarding Commercial Refrigerator Units


One of the most important things that a commercial establishment that serves food to the public must do is to make sure it is safely preserved. This is done with the installation of appropriate commercial refrigeration. The idea of preserving food by keeping it cool is not new. For many years ice was the only thing available for safeguarding against food deterioration. Records show the United States led the world in…

Die Separators: Indispensable Tool


The Die separators are basically designed for stamping and molding of the metals. It is used for separating the upper die from the lower for the periodic maintenance. With the help of the Demag it is possible to transfer the die from the storage tank to the press line. The units operate on the battery or the AC supply that would go a long way in providing perfect results. To…

Top tips to help you ditch the air conditioner and still manage to keep your home cool


The weather just before winter sets in is unbearably hot and with the temperatures soaring high, the only solution that you may find is getting hold of the remote control and switch on the air conditioner for extended periods of time. While there is nothing wrong in doing so, you need to realize the fact that constant usage of air conditioners can lead to enormous wastage of energy. It also…

Fridge freezers-how to maximise efficiency

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Fridge freezers-how to maximise efficiency The energy efficiency of home appliances is not only an environmental concern, it is an economic one as well. Purchasing an energy efficient fridge freezer can impact household finances significantly, especially as for many households, the cost of powering a fridge and freezer makes up an average 7% of the energy bill. What to look for in new fridge freezers If you are in the…