Buy a Reliable Industrial Shelving System That Lasts

Industrial shelving can be a major investment in a large installation such as an auto spares depot or a distribution warehouse. Disruption can be significant when we need to rearrange the space or replace the racking. It therefore pays to buy a reliable industrial shelving system that is modular and lasts.


Buy a Reliable Industrial Shelving System Not Loose Bits and Pieces

It can be a false economy to expect to buy a reliable industrial shelving system in bits and pieces from retail stores. These are often one-off imports purchased in container lots. When we need a few more shelves, these are often unobtainable. Customers are also less impressed when they glimpse a mismatch of incompatible designs and colours while collecting an order.

Moreover, this also makes it nearly impossible to exchange components between different units, so we end up with spare shelves and racks instead of more storage space. It therefore makes far more sense in the end to buy a reliable industrial shelving system from a reputable supplier. One able to support their products with efficient after-sales service.

The Difference Between a Shelving System and Uncoordinated Purchases

Systems are sets of things working together as parts of a mechanism, or an interconnecting network to form a complex whole. Therefore, a railway system integrates rolling stock, energy supply, tracks and ancillaries so they form a comprehensive whole and work well together.

An integrated storage and industrial shelving system likewise includes a number of possible components. The following options allow greater freedom of choice when planning tailored-made installations.

  • Industrial-strength mezzanines supporting intensive storage, workshops, or accommodation for support staff
  • Modular shelving, palette racking, and cantilever systems able to adapt readily to different storage requirements
  • Comprehensive health and safety assurance, in the form of fall protection and hydraulic lifts.

More Advantages of Turn Key Projects from Professional Suppliers

When you buy a reliable industrial shelving system integrated along the lines of the above, make sure you benefit from the advantages of a package deal. A top-notch supplier should conduct a needs analysis in conjunction with your staff, and include detailed layout proposals in their bid.

They should also be able to do a staged installation over a series of weekends depending on scale. There should be no need for sales or production downtime, when you buy a reliable industrial shelving system from a reputable supplier.


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