Best Teacher Gifts – Perfect Way To Show Love and Respect


Are you looking for the best and most memorable gift for your child’s teacher?  Are you tired of giving same old chocolate or coffee cup? Then, here the best teacher gifts that they will surely love and of course, the perfect way to show love and respect:

1. Baked Goods

You can do some baking of your specialties such as the mini banana bread or pumpkin bread and wrap with fun colored cling wrap.

2. Gift Cards

It is the perfect gift for any teacher. Either write a “Thank You” note or some words of appreciation. Go get it from the grocery store, craft store, local coffee shop and ice cream store. Depending on your budget you can go as expensive or as more affordable as you feel comfortable with.

3. Give them lunch

You can make some homemade yummy summer salads for them to enjoying eating. Or make some soup that they can freeze and save for a quick lunch or dinner on the run.

4. Hand-made cards from your kids

Do you know personalized cards means a lot? Yes, they are! Taking your time and effort in doing some artwork for your card is a big difference. You can add a short poem of yours, print out a picture of your cutie or have your children draw and sign it. Pretty sure, they will be overwhelmed!

5. Gift Basket

This type of gist is not just for the sick people but for everyone. You can put some fresh fruits and jam from the local farmers market for summer, or when it is holiday fill it with chocolates, warm socks, and gloves. Go it with a theme so that it won’t look random.

6. Low Maintenance Plants

Small indoor plants are good. It brings fresh air to classrooms.

7. Fun and Trendy Jewelry

Give some cute and fashionable jewelry for women teachers or some trendy earrings or a bracelet.

8. Personalized Thank You Notes

Unleash your child’s artistry by buying a blank card and then do dome styling and fun art for your decorations. Write your note inside or on the outside cover.

9. A Memory Book

Create a small journal or scrapbook filled with picture of memories your child has of his/her time with the teacher. You can add some quotes, notes and artwork from your child. It is the best teacher gifts that every teacher will cherish and love for a long time.


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