Amazing Technological Advances That Have Officially Arrived

Remember those Back to the Future movies that predicted we would be having flying skateboards and cars by now? Well, that didn’t really happen. It was a big let down for all of us, Michael J. Fox. But there are other amazing advances that should have you excited for the future.


Self-Driving Cars

Automated vehicles are already here and being tested on roads around the globe. Some people claim they would never let a computer drive their car. However, statistics show that so far they are much safer overall. Driver distraction is the number one cause for accidents. If a computer is driving your vehicle, it won’t fall into the same harmful distractions that you encounter every day. They won’t be texting while driving. There will be no inebriated computer drivers either. Self-driving vehicles cannot get here soon enough!

Isolating Chromosomes

While this can be done a bit already, there are more tests on the horizon that will be able to determine which chromosomes are misfiring and which ones are completely missing. The great news is that diseases and disorders that deal with chromosomes could potentially be cured. In other news, DNA will be able to be analyzed and interpreted more as well. Don’t you wish that you still had a full head of hair still? There are several genes that are noted to cause hair loss. Soon these things could be fixed by correcting problems with the genes.

3D Technology

Ever wanted to create an astounding product that you believe the world will love, but you fall short in the manufacturing area? 3D printers can now take a file and print out an actual object in no time. If you need a certain part to fix something around the house, you can just print it out instead of having to run to the store.


3D technology does not just end there either. In the near future, you will be thinking often why not use a 3D scan to collect data on an object. This technology is already being used by rovers analyzing other planets. It can capture the exact size and shape of an object and then reproduce the information into 3D models as well. You can already see this technology being used in certain video games where the characters in the game look identical to real people. It will be incredible to see what the future holds for us all!

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