For many decades now, South Africa has been a major tourist attraction and it’s definitely easy to see why. Nature has blessed this great land with awesome flora and fauna, gorgeous landscapes, beautiful scenery and wonderful people. Motorcycle tours in South Africa with Vintage Rides were the best way to explore this country to feed our eager eyes. The stories we read or listened to over the years would be confirmed.

After landing at the airport, we came in contact with a smartly dressed and well-articulated gent of a guide. He welcomed us and led us to our hotel. He explained that our luggage would be well-looked after and conveyed from place to place by an air-conditioned backup vehicle carrying snacks, drinks, first aid kits and an extra motorcycle with spare parts. This was aimed at making our motorcycle tours in South Africa comfortable.

The next day, we rented bikes at $110 dollars per day (very affordable) and started off our motorcycle tours in South Africa. We visited Cape Town and Kruger National Park. The scenic routes we rode through and the magnificent wildlife gave us a huge thrill. It was really cool being up close and personal with animals such as Elephants, Giraffes, and Springboks.

The exotic coastal roads that mark out the Indian and Atlantic Oceans were a joy to ride through. These amazing views of sandy beaches stretched rather endlessly. The mountain passes gave us a glimpse of the peaks and we took pictures as we admired nature in its purest art. I enjoyed interacting with people from different nationalities.

As the motorcycle tours in South Africa got on, we got to discover how rich and warm the culture of the country is. The local African people were a delight to talk to and we learned a bit about their customs and culture. We went off-road sometimes and it was a joy just to glide through historic landscapes.

Motorcycle tours in South Africa also offered us a look into the ‘not so good’ part of the country as we went through some of the historic colonial and apartheid monuments which left us all emotional. We listened with keen interest as the guides did their best to explain. They also answered courteously despite our many questions.

It’s important to note that motorcycle tours in South Africa are carried out by seasoned professionals. We viewed them as friends who just knew their way around more. We went by some former gold mines, taking pictures and viewing the passes.

The cuisine in South Africa is lit! We got to have our fill of the local dishes. in a country so diverse with so many ethnic groups, we found ourselves spoiled for choices as we shuffled from one dish to the other.

In all, I’m convinced no holiday experience is complete without a motorcycle tours in South Africa. It’s an adventure to look forward to and a visit to the most beautiful country on the continent of Africa.

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