A List of Expert Tips for Selecting a Medical Transcription Service for Your Practice

When a physician’s words can be correctly converted into a hard, clean, legal document– meaning, without any delay, mistake, or annoying mishap – it is truly a service to the industry. As a matter of fact, much of the medical industry now relies on such a transcription service and it’s hard to imagine the world without it nowadays. On the other hand, when the words of the physician are entered into a document incorrectly, with mistakes that involve spelling, grammar, or concepts, or when the quality of service is low regarding turnaround, communication mishaps, or mispricing, the wonderful service can soon turn into a nightmare. It’s not just the physician who is embarrassed – it’s the patient, the insurance companies, and other medical professionals who get the blame. It’s important to choose wisely. Here is a list of expert tips for selecting a medical transcription service for your practice.


Know what you need

The truth is, you should understand your practice – and what it entails – first before you can start making demands on third parties. List down what you need, and be as precise as possible. Make sure you communicate your needs as clearly as possible.

Pay only for what you need

Whilst some services are simple, others may offer you full advantages – with all the bells and whistles that come with great salesmanship. You may not need the services they offer; you may need only the basic, so don’t get swept away with big promises of convenience or high-tech accuracy. Pay only for what you need.

Be clear with the contract

The service may offer you a standard contract – and that’s fine. But make sure that your wishes are clearly recorded and that you are completely protected.

Check references and recommendations

References can be found everywhere – contact them. Still, it’s better to rely on your peers and colleagues who have used a similar UK transcription service before.

Ensure software compatibility

The ability to share information via software is incredibly convenient – but make sure it’s all compatible and installed properly.

Here are two more hints that may serve you well on your quest to find the ideal service. First of all, if your practice is relatively small, you can use that to your advantage – so do so. Small practices can choose small transcription services, which leads to much better communication. Secondly, do everything you can to negotiate a short-term contract – at least initially. Your first contract should be a trial, and both parties should understand that. There’s simply too much at stake, and there will be a small learning curve on both sides. When you think about it, it’s all about communication, so make sure that it is done correctly from the start.

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