5 Things to do before your motorcycle road trip

Check your mobile phone plan

You can request the appropriate amount of internet data on your mobile and check your
coverage. While on the road, you might not always be able to connect. As an additional safety,
you can use satellite phones. With wifi or internet data you can communicate through mobile
apps like WhatsApp, Viber and other without paying individually for calling and texts. Double
and triple check everything like if you are using your wifi or your data and your provider’s
pricing. When I take motorcycle tours in North India the emergency internet dongle always helps to connect to social media if my cell phone internet fails to receive signal.

Install mobile apps

Apps are handy, particularly when filled with information that you can check anytime.
Regardless if you are using them to stay connected with your road trip companions, searching
information during spontaneous escapades or tracking your expenses, they can make your
road trip much easier and more enjoyable. You can focus on what you love to do best and let
the apps do for you what you require them to achieve. Check which of them can work offline
and which need the internet connection.
Secure emergency information

It’s essential to have a waterproofed document with information for an emergency, for yourself
or others who need to access information about you and your emergency contacts. You can
purchase engraved metal tags with all necessary information like your name, blood type,
medical condition, food allergies, life-saving medicines and contact numbers with their relation
to you. If you are an organ donor or have a doctor that can take can anytime and provide with
information about your medical history, you can also include it.
Collect portable sources of power

Get a power bank, preferably with an additional solar panel to be able to charge your
electronics even in the middle of nowhere. You might be on the road for days without a
possibility to charge your electronics yet still want to be able to use them. Choose your power
banks carefully with many reviews to ensure they will work long-term for you and support you
during your travels.
Assure you’ll be comfortable

Make sure your motorcycle seat, motorcycle suit, outfit underneath is comfortable and ready
for any weather. If you can, wear natural materials curated towards your needs as a
motorcyclist. Make sure that all your clothing is breathable, waterproof and resistant to tear.
Depending on the climate during the time of your travels and the location, your choices
regarding your gear should be different.

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