5 Hobbies that Can Foster Your Father-Son Relationship

Building and maintaining familial relationships is more difficult than you would think in this day and age. We’re no longer taught the family trade through years of working side by side, many times both parents have to work away from home, and kids are increasingly immersed in technology. Traditional family models are also becoming less common, meaning that sometimes parents only get to see their kids on certain days or for weekends. This makes having a fun hobby to do together when there is a chance so important.

Son (4-6) feeding father cereal, smiling

Son (4-6) feeding father cereal, smiling

It’s harder to find similar ground to connect on, especially between fathers and sons. While the ladies can easily engage in hobbies like baking, painting, and more, boys are missing opportunities to spend quality time with their dads due to lack of common interest.


Here are 5 hobbies that are easy to pick up and do together as father and son

Diecast Cars

Car models are something that can naturally spark interest in a young lad but can also grow with him. From simple common cars to rarer collectibles, this hobby has so many different veins to explore. You can build, you can shop, trade, fix up, and see the full-sized things! Find the perfect diecast in Canada and make a point of visiting this destination together to get fired up!


While some still don’t acknowledge it as a sport, frisbee is definitely more than a game. The Ultimate Frisbee wave is here to stay, so join a league as father and son! You can practise your skills when alone together, but otherwise bond with a greater group while getting great physical activity in. It doesn’t require much of an investment and the payback is invaluable!


Maybe not something to introduce to the youngest of your kids, but the process of brewing beer is actually an amazing science experiment. The chemical reactions and diligent care that goes into shows patience, control, and attention to detail. Just remember to wait until they are legal to pour them a pint.


While camping requires a lot of planning and materials, hiking doesn’t have to. Make it a point to explore new places, take new trails, and record the kilometers that you have conquered. Many urban centers have some kind of hiking opportunity nearby making it something that doesn’t require as much of a time commitment as camping but also gives an opportunity to stretch your legs and maybe even talk through some life subjects.


Take fishing as seriously as you want to. As your son’s skills grow (and your own), you can become more ambitious with your fishing trips, trying out different baits, and even wading into the waters. Become one with nature, create memories, and teach a skill that he can one day pass on.


No matter which hobby captivates you and your son, the important thing is to make time for it and show that it’s a priority for you because it’s what brings the two of you together.


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