4 Essential Gadgets for a Modern-Day Woman

The time of expensive diamonds and little black dresses may not be entirely over yet, but that still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat that special lady in your life with some state-of-the-art technology. It’s been a while since big boy’s toys have been redesigned to fit into a women’s handbag.

The upcoming holiday season is just perfect for empowering your hard-working lady friend with some gadgets of her own. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the following five gizmos are made to keep her healthy and organized, but also to spice up her sex life and add some excitement to her beauty regime.

These are the four essential gadgets for a modern-day woman.

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

sony-best-headphones-ever-featureThe beautiful thing about modern technology is that it allows you to hear your favourite high school mixtape as it was the first time. For ladies who like jazz, there’s no better gift than noise-canceling headphones. The same can be said about any women with a musical taste that’s refined and elaborate.

Even if we’re talking about a lady who prefers Ariana Grande over Patty Smith, noise-canceling headphones can still give her some much-needed shelter from the cacophony of urban life. They come in different shades of pink, peach, and yellow, and serve as a fashionable addition to any kind of outfit.

  1. Wireless Activity Wristbands

Wearable tech has taken the world by storm, whether it comes to gadgets that allow you to control everything that’s going on in your household or to sports gadgets that track your performance. However she likes spending her time, a wireless activity wristband can make her faster and more organized.

Besides, if she’s the kind of gal who never skips her jogging sessions, this gift will swoop her off her feet. Not only will a wristband make her exercise more convenient, but it will also tell her everything you never did – that, no matter how far she runs off, you’ll always be there to cheer and support her.

  1. Portable Coffee Warmers

mug-warmers-1520893700Another brilliant way of saying I love you is a portable coffee warmer. The harder she works, the more support she needs. You can always boost her morale with a relaxing massage or a museum date, but neither of these gifts will last as long as something hot and comforting that she could take anywhere.

Hence the portable coffee warmer on our list, guaranteed to make her smile when life’s not funny at all. It will make her mornings brighter, her winter months warmer, and her long rides back home a little less forlorn. This gadget can be plugged anywhere with a USB port, including her laptop and car.

  1. Intimate Toys for Adults

No, buying your spouse or girlfriend a sex toy isn’t a risky gesture. It conveys a very specific message, one that says that she doesn’t need your permission to enjoy her body. What she’ll do with it is entirely up to her. It can keep her company while you’re away, or spice things up when you’re at home.

As a gadget for ladies, a sex toy makes an empowering little gift. It’ll allow your lady to relax in her own time and on her own terms, even when she doesn’t feel sexy enough to make love to you. Give her the control she deserves, and let her set the rules. No doubt she’ll gladly let you play with it too.


Whether you’re planning a birthday surprise or want to pamper your lady for no specific reason, these four gifts will certainly make her excited about using technology. Get them in her favourite colour, wrap them up with a shiny bow, and watch as she transforms into a bona fide tech geek like yourself.

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