3 Simple Ways to Boost Fertility

For many couples, starting a family isn’t as straightforward as they would like. You might need to take fertility drugs to help you get pregnant, or undergo more extensive testing and treatments to achieve the outcomes you’re hoping for. Regardless of whether you’ve been diagnosed with fertility issues or not, making healthy lifestyle choices can increase your chances of getting pregnant. The following are natural solutions that can provide a fertility boost.


1.     Take Your Vitamins

Adequate vitamin consumption can make a big difference for fertility. Even if you think you’re getting plenty of nutrients from your diet, taking a multivitamin can provide a much-needed fertility boost. This is especially true of supplements that contain fiber, zinc and folate, which have been found to fight free radicals and improve fertility for women and men alike.


Other helpful antioxidants include lutein, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Though you should also try to eat more foods that contain these important nutrients, taking a dietary supplement will ensure your body gets enough of each of these vitamins.


2.     Get Your Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is another common contributor to infertility. As it turns out, consistent exercise doesn’t just help you tone your muscles and have higher energy levels. Studies have found that every extra hour of weekly moderate exercise can improve fertility.


This is especially true of women who are overweight or obese. Excessive weight is another risk factor for infertility, so losing weight with the help of exercise can be even more helpful for such individuals. Just don’t go overboard — extreme exercise habits have actually been found to be detrimental to fertility.


3.     Cut Out the Caffeine

Many people feel like they can’t get through the day without a morning cup of coffee — but if you’re trying to get pregnant, you may need to do without it. Some studies have found that a high daily caffeine intake can make it harder to get pregnant. Even more troubling, continuing to consume high levels of caffeine during pregnancy has been found to increase the risk of a miscarriage.


Your morning coffee might be a needed sacrifice while trying to get pregnant — but remember, skipping that daily trip to Starbucks will help you save money, too!


Parting Thoughts

Making healthy choices now can greatly increase your likelihood of a healthy pregnancy later. Of course, even when you practice these fertility-boosting lifestyle choices, you may still struggle with infertility. Thankfully, advances in medical technology have made it so more couples are able to achieve their goals of starting a family. If you’ve been struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out to a fertility specialist.

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