5 Things to do before your motorcycle road trip


Check your mobile phone plan You can request the appropriate amount of internet data on your mobile and check your coverage. While on the road, you might not always be able to connect. As an additional safety, you can use satellite phones. With wifi or internet data you can communicate through mobile apps like WhatsApp, Viber and other without paying individually for calling and texts. Double and triple check everything…

Fin-Tech and the Power of the Individual

business hand clicking fintech or financial technology button on search toolbar with vintage style effect

The rise of fin-tech is one of those topics, like the advent of the driverless car, which has often seemed to promise more disruption in the future than is actually taking place at present. The fact that new technology is often advertised as having a revolutionary impact on a particular sector, when the truth is that change is almost always more incremental in nature, can prompt these slightly underwhelming evaluations….

Making Cash on Dota 2


Today, the in-game items are a must-have in most games, no matter how big or small they are. For most mobile developers these objects are a number one source of monetization. But the big players of the market also make tons of cash by selling or even giving away in-game items. The most accomplished company in this business is Valve Corporation. They managed to create objects that don’t influence gameplay…

The Perks of Playing at Bingo Extra


With the rapid progress in online technology and gaming in general, you now have the possibility to play your favourite bingo from the comfort of your home or even anywhere else using your mobile device. If you want a good fun time, you can play bingo online at Bingo Extra. What sets Bingo Extra apart from other online bingo sites is certainly its vintage look that will take you a…

How Casino Coupons Work


Online casinos are changing the game, what Richard Finger writing for Forbes called, “A pastime whose time has come.” The brand name casino management have launched a strategic attempt to adapt to shifts in the gaming market. The famous casinos, tied to massive hotels and entertainment venues in places like Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Reno, have lost customers to the multiplying tribal casinos throughout the country.   The direction of…

5 Things to Do With a Mobile Phone Tracker


Whether you’re a parent who wants to keep an eye on your children, or a spouse, who wants to track the whereabouts of your partner, phone tracking is the solution you are looking for. mSpy mobile phone tracker is a technology that allows you to locate your loved ones, where ever and whenever. Does it really work? You bet it does! In October 2009, Dakota Davis 14, a resident of…

Amazing reasons to take a cruise on a holiday – Will you get more for your buck?


Do you ever think you will ever regret booking a holiday cruise? With the holiday season kicking in and decorations starting to show in big box stores, you too must be planning for your next holiday. To few, this may mean that it’s the right time to start preparing ideas for gifts and meals for holidays. But for the tourists and the born-travelers, the smell of nutmeg and the sound…

Your Guide to the Different Crane Types Available for Your Construction Project


Every construction project requires specific construction equipment for the project to be completed successfully – and whilst there are a lot of different kinds of equipment out there on the market, very few projects are handled with speed and efficiency without some sort of crane to help in the lifting, transporting, and lowering of heavy loads to their appointed area. The crane is essential, no doubt about it. However, there…

Bi-folding or sliding doors?


Picking out new doors for your property can be a drawn out, stressful process – with so many options now on the market it’s hard to decide on what would be best for you and your family. Perhaps the two most popular choices among homeowners, however, are bi-folding and sliding units. These each have their own benefits and drawbacks, yet also offer some of the same things. Both, for example,…

4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Fly to Vietnam to Taste Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine


Are you craving Vietnamese dishes right now? If so, get out of your house and find the best Vietnamese restaurants in London. You need not book a flight to Hanoi just to taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine. There are a lot of great restaurants in London for you to choose from. Here are some more reasons why you should stick with local restaurants and give them a try. They have Vietnamese…