Month: June 2018

Why Legal Translation of Some Documents is Mandatory, But Not All


Where documents form part of evidence-in-law, the other party or the judge is entitled to question their authenticity. Much the same applies to witnesses, where it is prudent to know their character and background before trusting them. The Courts expect anybody giving evidence to promise what they say is true, and may prosecute if they lie. In a similar vein, a legal translator certifies their work is a true and…

How to have a good customer service for your massage parlor


It takes a lot to satisfy a customer, first you need to understand what the customer is really looking for.  People are looking for something that stands out above the competition. When a customer walks in, they should meet staff that are well spoken, warm and very professional. Phrases that you would like to use should be scripted and staff should be trained on how to use them till they…